Tips to take care of your handbag

bagsWhen it comes to taking care of your handbags they’re usually left at the end and we take care first of our clothes, shoes, phones and other things assuming that handbags don’t need that much care. With the time, in the long run, the wear and tear will show on your purses if you don’t take proper care of them. Today, I’m sharing with you some tips that I like to do to keep them in their best.

  • Stuff your purse to maintain its shape. If the bag is on the bigger side it can easily cave and lose its shape when it’s empty. What I like to do with my bigger bags is to stuff them with clothes that I am not wearing this season. This trick will not only help you keep the shape of your bag, but also serve as storage for your clothes. You may also stuff your bags with tissues or newspaper. I like to do so with my smaller bags and clutches.
  •  Keep the dust bags. Bags are usually coming with dust bags – keep them! This bags are amazing for protecting your bags from dust or direct sun light, which may change the color of your bags, when you’re not using them.
  • Store your purses on a shelf. I used to store my bags on the back of my chair or on a hanger in the closet. I found that this does stretch the handles of the bag, especially if I wouldn’t take the stuff out, leaving them heavy.  If you have a flat surface to place your bags on it will help keep them away from unnecessary wear.
  • Use makeup bag to hold your liquids. I can’t even tell you guys how many times I accidentally spilled lotion, perfume or lip gloss ruining the inside of the bags. It is also a pain to move everything when switching purses. Putting all of the makeup and other liquids inside a smaller clutch will make it easier to find everything, switch it from one purse to another and save up your time.
  • Use products. It might sound surprising, but as well as your shoes, your bags can use some help from getting wet or stained. I like spraying my purses with a rain and stain repellent to protect them, especially the ones from suede.

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2 Responses to Tips to take care of your handbag

  1. leahem85 says:

    Awesome tips. Thank you!


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