Tips for a good shopping experience

gone shoppingWho doesn’t like a good shopping? Sometimes shopping can transform from an enjoyable time spending with your best friend to a disaster when you come home and discover you’ve spend more, much more, than you can afford.

Fall/winter collections are out already and either you’re sopping for back to school or just renewing your wardrobe for cooler time, I have some tips for you to make your shopping experience a success.

Shop with a list. Making a list prior leaving the house will help you not to forget anything you wanted to buy and also not to buy things you don’t need.

Shop with a set budget. Setting a budget will not let you buy things that are pricier than you can afford and will also not let you spend more than a certain amount.

Shop alone. Shopping with friends can be fun and you would probably have a great time surrounded with people you love, but it can also play the wrong game for you, This way you might buy items that you are not so sure about, but your friends would complement and when you get home you realize you actually don’y like what you bought or that you spent too much on it.

Don’t shop when your upset, hungry or feeling lonely. Shopping when you feel down will only make you buy things that you would never buy or don’t even need, just to feel accomplished for a short amount of time.

Wear comfy shoes and clothes that can be easily paired with anything you would try. This way it will be easier for you to understand how you could pair this or that item, if it needs any other accessories and if it actually fits you right.

Ask yourself: “do I really need this?”. If the answer is “YES”, than buy it, if you’re not so sure about it you can always come back and get that pretty dress or those amazing pair of shoes the next day. Sometimes, I am hesitant about getting something and if I go home and can catch myself thinking about that thing, than I am sure I want it and I would go to the mall and get it.

Remember that the sales person is there to sell to you. They will be friendly and helpful, and will give you that top to try on just because it goes with the skirt you piked, and you will love the top too … and this can go on and on… Buy it only if you’re sure about it, not when a sales person will try to be your best friend while you’re in the store. They are there to sell to you stuff.

Don’t buy just because it’s on sale. Sales can be so tempting sometimes, that you would grab things not realizing that you actually don’t even need it. Even though you can find some treasures on sale, usually they’re on sale for a reason (last item – not even your size, have something ripped or dirty).


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2 Responses to Tips for a good shopping experience

  1. Katherine says:

    These were really useful tips! I know the feeling when you are upset and go shopping, then you buy too much..


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